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Brace Yourself: It’s Been Five Years!

Posted on Jul 3, 2014 in Accessories, Braces, Personal Style, the Mothering of Art | 0 comments


We have been making things that we’re proud of for 5 years now. For the most part, we try to be humble about it. It’s a great privilege, after all, to work with our hands and make things faithfully.

We’re taking this proudly, humbly made thing to a whole new level with this, our newest offering in a line of menswear made faithfully. In celebration of 5 years, we’re pleased to present this humble brag.

Braces 1

Introducing our handmade American braces. Suspenders with hand-dyed leather, logo-stamped back pieces, and other gorgeous, sturdy components. We are fairly confident that no one in America is making quality button-fastened braces by hand like this. Just us.


Your braces come with sturdy buttons. We’ll be glad to sew a set of buttons in your trousers if you send us your pants. How about that? Or we’ll walk you through the process and you can have the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

Braces 2

The result is that you get to celebrate with us, and do so with a level of sophistication and distinction that–dare we say it?–eclipses that of even the wearer of bow ties. For the price of just a couple bow ties, you can take this cordial menswear thing to a whole new level.

And thank you, thank you, thank you for five incredible years of your loyalty and enthusiasm. Here’s to five more.

Head on over to the store and brace yourself.

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Why Choose a Bow Tie?

Posted on Apr 10, 2014 in Bow Ties, Bowties, Uncategorized | 0 comments

The short, and not antagonistic, answer is ‘why not?’. These days anyone wearing a neck tie is asked ‘Why wear a tie?’. Again, not to be antagonistic or grumpy, someone once said that a man should never have to apologize for wearing a tie. Specifically, you choose a bow tie if you want to be in the category of men who know they don’t have to wear a tie, but want to anyway, and want to be doubly unconventional.


What statement does it make, and how does it alter an ensemble?

Most people who rarely or never choose a bow tie say, “I just don’t think I’m the type of guy who can pull it off.” The funny thing is, I’ve never heard anyone say, about a man with a bow tie on, “Some people can pull it off, but he can’t.” I think putting on a bow tie demonstrates a playful, defiant sort of confidence—if it’s worn both playfully and confidently.

A bow tie alters an ensemble by making it say “I’m here.” It seems to draw attention to the face–something about the amount of shirt that shows from the top button of the jacket to the bow tie knot. A neck tie says that an ensemble is complete (assuming you have a pocket square); a bow tie says an ensemble is has been put together by a person who is now in the room.


Who are bow ties for? What does it take to pull off the look?

It simply takes playfulness, confidence, and defiance of convention. There’s no “bow tie type”; there are only men who wear bow ties.


What should someone take into account when incorporating bow ties into their wardrobe? Does it change the style of shirt, cut of jacket, etc. to incorporate them properly?

Don’t overlook the blue blazer. Make sure it fits well, and that it’s on the tight side of the fit. The last thing you want is to look frumpy with a bow tie. The bow tie is unconventional enough. Use the conventional-ness of the blue blazer (and the khakis and gray worsted trousers and the solid white and blue oxford) to frame the bow tie. It will keep you from looking like a clown.

Finally, I think young people ought to give serious consideration to the notion that a bow tie and a pair of jeans aren’t enemies.


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The Cordial Churchman E-Mail List

Posted on Apr 3, 2014 in Bow Ties, Bowties | 0 comments

You don’t want to miss out on your chance to be the first to know about Sales, Product Updates, and chances to win free products.  Don’t worry, we will only send you about 1 or 2 emails a month.  Just fill out your e-mail address below and you are good to go!


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The Cordial Churchman Spring Line

Posted on Apr 2, 2014 in Bow Ties, Bowties, Uncategorized | 0 comments

At The Cordial Churchman, we love the changing of seasons.  It draws from us, a sense of nostalgia for the lovely memories of seasons past.  It turns out, we especially love Spring.  With it, come the familiar senses of blossoming wildflowers, the kiss of light upon our pale skin, and of course, a fresh line from  The Cordial Churchman!




Since our Spring collection reveal, we’ve launched a more rapid sewing pace in the studio; adding to our fun, we do enjoy working with the brilliant fabrics from Liberty of London.  There are rich linens, plaids, chambrays and florals waiting to be worn.  So come check out the brilliant pieces we have to add to (or start) your collection.


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Outfit of the Day!

Posted on Mar 25, 2014 in Bow Tie Tuesday, Bow Ties, Bowties, Guy Style Favorites, Pocket Squares, Uncategorized | 1 comment

This look is the perfect introduction to the Spring season!  Its cornerstone piece is the stunning bow tie, made by none other than The Cordial Churchman.

As a compliment in color, this brilliant coral and navy gingham dress shirt contrasts the chartreuse bow tie quite well.

 Now, we move the eye from the gingham base through a multilayered front, featuring a subtle cashmere vest beneath a tweed jacket with leather accents.

Finally, by way of parallel, a navy gingham pocket square draws us back to the coral gingham dress shirt for a cohesive design.


Bow tie: The Cordial Churchman

Dress shirt:  J Crew

Waistcoat:  thrift

Jacket:  thrift

Pocket square:  The Cordial Churchman

Watch:  TimeX

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Gentle Snow + Gentlemanly Bow = Gorgeous Wedding

Posted on Jan 30, 2014 in Andy blogs, cordial weddings, Personal Style, Wedding Style | 0 comments

004 2

photo by onelove

Here in South Carolina, a light dusting of snow keeps everyone from doing pretty much everything. As you can see from this very cordial wedding, the snow didn’t stop anyone. In fact, it covered this couple’s day in beauty, and provided a white blanket that turned their nuptial surroundings into an enormous outdoor photo studio.

This couple pulled together a striped organic cotton / hemp blend and a handsome tweed for the groomsmen, while keeping the groom distinguished by a solid tan necktie. When you’re looking for just the right touch for your groomsmen, service staff, or the lucky gentleman himself, don’t forget that it’s almost always possible to create a custom reversible, two-toned, or even four-toned bow tie by combining any of our listed bow ties. (Contact us and we’ll be delighted to help.) The multi-pattern or multi-color option gives you a chance to have the men involved stand out from the wedding crowd, while choosing subtle patterns or neutral colors can keep you from having these dapper men upstage the gorgeous bride.

As I often assert, menswear is all about putting others at ease while nevertheless expressing individual style. Here is a textbook example.

Enjoy these photos, graciously provided by Bess & Austin’s wedding photographers, onelove.



037 2

photo by onelove


photo by one love

photo by one love


photo by one love

photo by one love


photo by onelove

photo by onelove

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