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Posted on Feb 13, 2010 in In the Home | 11 comments

The Antique Swan Couch

We’re in the middle of a renovation on our living room right now – actually for the past six months!  Starting with the hardwood floors, my husband totally refinished them.  Then he went on to paint all of the wood paneling, the ceiling now some built in shelving, and soon the doors.   I’ve been avoiding shopping for this room for all this time because I knew we wouldn’t have anywhere to put it, but a couple of weeks ago, I found my anchor piece!  So now I would like to present my antique swan couch.  One of the coolest couches I’ve ever seen!



So after looking and looking and looking for almost a year at couches, I’m so happy to have just the right one – and found at a reasonable price from a habitat for humanity store. We hope to have the room all done painting very soon and we can start decorating and making curtains. I’m so excited!

I may as well show you another thrifted item I found on New Years Eve. This is a pretty cool vinyl chair. I got it for $40 at goodwill.  I’m not sure if it will end up in the room with the swan couch or somewhere else.  Isn’t it fun?



  1. I think the chair and couch would look great in the same room. Terrific finds! 🙂

  2. you have me confused…living room/family room. Haven’t you been working on the back room? The couch and chair are both AWESOME!!! So is the couch going in the back or front? I’m surprised Andy went along with this. It reminds me of the one you found on the curb for your first apt that he vetoed. Maybe he grew up in the last 7 1/2 years? 🙂

  3. This is going in the back room. You wouldn’t recognize it! The couch we took off the curb was an ugly floral overstuffed couch. This one is a velvety beautiful couch. You wouldn’t believe how great shape the fabric is in. When are you coming?

  4. You have the best couch ever. It’s awesome.

  5. It really does look beautiful, and such style! Oh I want to come so bad! Not sure when…

  6. My wife and I have a platform rocking chair that just about matches your swan sofa. It was my Great-Grandfather’s, he lived until 1969, but we’re not real sure how old it is.

  7. I have that same couch frame and was thinking of having it reupholstered. How much did you buy it for? I want to know what mine is worth…

    • I bought it for $350 from a habitat for humanity thrift store. I don’t know what it is worth.

  8. I have this same couch. In a wet sand color last reupholstered in 1957 I think it says. It is beautiful – I inherited mine. It is still very sturdy and comfortable. I would also like to know what it is worth. If anyone reads this and would know please contact me

  9. i paid 850 for mine and i loved it until recently. my niece and her 3 cats came to visit and ruined it. clawed the corners and smells awful.

  10. I also have this couch. Inherited, 4th generation in my family. It was the anchor piece in my grandparents living room in their stately home in Atlanta.
    I would like to know what it is worth, Besides its sentimental value to me. I have a picture of my great grand mother, G. mother, mom and me at 3 years old sitting on that couch.