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Posted on Aug 18, 2010 in Bowties | 60 comments

Win a Free Bow Tie

All you have to do is head over to my STORE and choose your favorite and post it in the comments section below!  I will close comments on Monday August 23 at 11:59pm.  Bonus entry if you blog the above photo with a link to my store – Just post the link of your blog post in a separate comment.  

I will be approving all comments so don’t worry if it doesn’t show up right away.

Good Luck!


  1. The blue seersucker is SO PERFECT!

  2. I’m a big fan of anything seersucker, but I also like that red gingham one.

  3. Anthony Linen Freestyle Bow Tie is my favorite!

  4. I really could see myself falling in love with the Patrick reversible madras bow. I don’t have a lot of green in my tie collection, much less in my dozen or so bows. Not only is it a great plaid, it’s two-for-one!

  5. I absolutely love the James Wool Freestyle Bow Tie.
    If I don’t win it, I’m going to have to buy it anyway!

  6. Because it might be the first red bow tie that doesn’t make me think of Ronald McDonald.

    • are you saying that you like the rust velvet? That one really surprised me when Andy fashioned it up. He wasn’t really into velvet ties, but he likes that one.

  7. My favorite is my recently purchased patch seersucker bow tie, though gray chambray may be calling my name soon.

    • Thanks Josh – Can you add another comment with the blog post? That will help me later on when I’m selecting the winner.

  8. Definitely the Calvin Wool Freestyle Bow Tie – Perfect for the fall!

  9. I love the Joshua Madras Freestyle Bowtie and not just because it shares my name. That’s a great design.

  10. My favorite so far, is the Grey Chambray bow tie. Im really digging the new square end ties though. Will definitely have to pick a couple up!

  11. The Richard Bamboo is cash-tastic!

    Bowtie Wednesday is still going strong here at Heathwood…

  12. Release “The Hound”!

  13. Ellie: I salute the khaki. I bet it would look good in olive also.

  14. “The William” in a diamond point. All the way!

  15. I’m liking the James wool, TCC. Keep up the goodness.

  16. I love them all!! But for this go-around I’d say my favorite is the William Wool (I really love them all though)

  17. Glen -Plaid Freestyle Wool Bowtie, when I first saw it , I thought of Fall here in Washington, D.C, which is right around the corner. I can’t think of a better way to welcome the colors of autumn in Rock Creek Park than with a cashmere sweater and your Glen-Plaid Bow!

  18. Ellie, I love the rust bow tie. I just wanted to say that normally a solid red bow tie is not the most rakish item. However, this bow tie is so great because the velvet gives it an interesting texture and character, which makes it very un-Ronald. That and I love red.

  19. I agree with Miguel, I think the rust velvet bow tie looks great. I am also looking forward to the Jeremiah madras square tie I ordered as well. Thanks a lot.

  20. The James Wool is just the thing for fall (if it ever gets here).

  21. And in a blog post, for anyone who might read it.

  22. Love the Samuel Wool Freestyle bow tie. My dad wears bow ties and was actually thinking about ordering him one from you for his birthday!

    • Hi Anne Spencer–

      You might consider getting him a gift certificate in order for him to choose his own. If I were your dad I would be really, really thrilled.


  23. I would drape myself in rust velvet if it was socially acceptable. The beautiful bow tie is a fine compromise.

  24. I love your velvet bow tie Ellie! The red looks awesome, but if you offered it other colors I’d buy them all.

  25. Joshua Madras looks like a good shoulder season tie, and provides a madras for those needing more subtlety.

    James Wool has a great texture and would work well for both casual and formal occasions.

  26. The Glen Plaid is displays a delightful quiet refinement, I think.

  27. In the deep south – I like the Jacob Gingham.

  28. Joshua Madras Freestyle Bowtie in classic butterfly. Thanks!

  29. Definitely love the blue chambray.

  30. I love the Calvin Wool Freestyle!!!

  31. I am a big fan of the Calvin and the Anthony Linen bowties. I love them all!

  32. The samuel wool bow tie looks wonderful! And would be great with a green rain jacket and white wool sweater…

  33. Miss Ellie,

    I have to say that the two bow-ties you made for me have been a constant topic of conversation in the months since I got them. I have to say though, your ability to turn old neckties into bow-ties is my favorite service that you offer. It is just so wonderful to give an old tie new life by transforming what once was a tired or broken piece of your wardrobe into a unique essential.

    That being said, you have many new wonderful fabrics… And I believe that your Anthony Linen Freestyle might be my birthday present to myself…

    Keep up the good work.


    • Brian,
      I’m so glad you’re so happy with your bow ties! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  34. Big fan of the blue chambray.
    Will be great with my pink Oxford.

  35. The red gingham is AWESOME!

  36. Glen Plaid all the way. Nice selection.

    In light of the Calvin tie, will you be offering an Arminius tie in the near future?

    • Ha ha! We’ll see.

  37. The rust velvet may have to be my next addition to the Cordial Churchman tie collection at home. Although close behind is defintely the glen plaid. Keep up the great work Ellie!

  38. The Glen Plaid Freestyle Wool Bow Tie is just what a college student like me would wish for.

  39. I’m shocked nobody’s chosen the new Sinclair Wool – its texture and color have a subtle richness worthy of any aspiring sartorialist.

  40. James Wool Freestyle Bowtie

  41. I’d love the Thomas Wool Freestyle Bow Tie.

  42. The Peter Patch madras is outstanding! I have bookmarked for future purchases. Great options.

  43. I like the hound. It’s so handsome!

  44. The madras and gingham ones are very handsome, but fall awaits so I’ll go with the Thomas Wool in the Narrow Butterfly.

  45. i like the hound the best.
    and i look forward to sport father and son bow ties together with my 5 weeks old.

  46. My favorite is definitely the reversible madras seersucker. Gotta love the different ways to tie it.

  47. I would look cool teaching my Reformation unit in a Calvin tie.

  48. As an Anglican, I dream of discussing Williams -Temple, Tynsdale, and Wake- while sporting the lovely William Wool Bow.