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Posted on Jun 27, 2013 in Bow Ties, Neck Ties, Personal Style | 6 comments

New Madras Bow Ties and What Else Should We Make?

Today was new fabric day. I picked up a few bolts of fabric at the store, we received an order I’d placed online and we also filtered though swatches to choose new fall fabrics. We are inspired.

As soon as Carlee (our resident seamstress and illustrator in her spare time) was so excited, she started snuggling up with it. ┬áThen immediately cut it up to make ties saying, “It’s time for me to be in my happy place”.


So what now? Obviously we’ll make bow ties but tell us what else you would like to see from us now and in the future. More pocket squares? Lapel flowers? More Emblematic Bow Ties? Neck ties? Scarves? Ascots? We love your feedback. Please write a comment or fill out THIS FORM to submit your feedback to us.

And if you tell us what you like, there’s a good chance we may name it after you. The really good ideas might even get a freebie of some kind. ┬áSo don’t be bashful.




  1. Braces (suspenders)… hard to find really cool ones.

    • Yes, they are surprisingly hard to find! Thanks for your input, we’ll see what we can do.

  2. Definitely some classic emblematics and some thinner wool bow ties for fall/winter (I find the thicker wools darn near impossible to tie)

  3. The madras would make some nice pocket squares. More patch madras ties. And I really like the silk stripe/seersucker look of the Drake. Something like that in other colors would be cool.

    • This is a great idea. We’ll likely make pocket squares from these madras fabrics. Glad you like the Drake. I hope to work in more of the repp stripe style bow ties in the future.