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Posted on Jul 3, 2014 in Accessories, Braces, Personal Style, the Mothering of Art |

Brace Yourself: It’s Been Five Years!


We have been making things that we’re proud of for 5 years now. For the most part, we try to be humble about it. It’s a great privilege, after all, to work with our hands and make things faithfully.

We’re taking this proudly, humbly made thing to a whole new level with this, our newest offering in a line of menswear made faithfully. In celebration of 5 years, we’re pleased to present this humble brag.

Braces 1

Introducing our handmade American braces. Suspenders with hand-dyed leather, logo-stamped back pieces, and other gorgeous, sturdy components. We are fairly confident that no one in America is making quality button-fastened braces by hand like this. Just us.


Your braces come with sturdy buttons. We’ll be glad to sew a set of buttons in your trousers if you send us your pants. How about that? Or we’ll walk you through the process and you can have the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

Braces 2

The result is that you get to celebrate with us, and do so with a level of sophistication and distinction that–dare we say it?–eclipses that of even the wearer of bow ties. For the price of just a couple bow ties, you can take this cordial menswear thing to a whole new level.

And thank you, thank you, thank you for five incredible years of your loyalty and enthusiasm. Here’s to five more.

Head on over to the store and brace yourself.