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Posted on Apr 22, 2015 in Bow Ties, Bowties, Conversions, Neck Ties |

How Do We Upcycle Your Old Neck Ties? Magic.


One of the things people love us for is how we can turn a neck tie into a bow tie. And to be honest, it is a little magical.


Nearly every day, we receive packages with neck ties from all over the country. We rip them open and check out what is inside.


We take out the seams and press them out.


We add our own interfacing and sew them up.




And just like that.
conversion 5
Its Magic.





We get to make something new again – and we love it.

If you’re interested in purchasing this, you can do it through this link.

Today and tomorrow only, we’ll give you $5 store credit for each tie you send us to upcycle.

*the really good photos (#2 through #5 in this post) were taken by our customer and friend and fellow artist, Joe Jackson.  Thank you, Joe for making it look so cool.