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Posted on May 8, 2015 in Andy blogs, Bow Ties, Bowties, Videos |

*Magic Bow Ties*

Here we are, in the middle of spring, with summer bearing down on some of us quickly. The excitement of our spring wardrobe transition has worn off. Tweed and houndstooth are a long ways in the rear view mirror. Seersucker and madras are close at hand.

Weddings are planned for the peak season, and bow ties are shipped off to happy grooms and groomsmen.

What do we do now?

That’s kind of what we asked ourselves a few weeks back.

The answer: we play.

Introducing *Magic Bow Ties*

The Church Belles, especially Ellie and Carlee, got their creative juices flowing, and came up with several fantastic four-paneled bow ties. Combining patterns and colors like the pros they are–and Carlee no doubt using her expertise with the color wheel gained from her art school days–they did the real magic: designing your bow ties.

I couldn’t help but have a little fun myself.

Dust off a not-so-new-to-us idea (four-paneled bow ties), apply some fresh creative chutzpah, and sprinkle on some pixie dust, and you’ve got *Magic Bow Ties*.

Challenge to Mathematicians

I suppose I could find out the answer if I tried harder. But–if any of you are inclined to calculate the number of possible ways these *Magic Bow Ties* can be worn, you’ll get a grateful shout out from us. (There are four panels. Up to three of them are visible from the front at a given time: the flap end of the bow, the loop end of the bow, and the knot.)

History’s Magicians

If you haven’t noticed, we give our bow ties men’s names. Sometimes they’re named after friends, public personalities, or even loyal customers. This time, we figured we’d name the *Magic Bow Ties* after some famous, or should-be-famous, magicians throughout history.



It looks like Harry Houdini, perhaps the most famous magician, was a bow tie wearer–and that he liked the diamond-point look on occasion. It looks as though Houdini was always photographed in black or gray clothes and bow tie, or else pretty well stripped down, trying to escape from something or other. So it’s hard to imagine him donning this:

But then again, we do believe in magic, right? Behold, the Houdini *Magic Bow Tie*.

Then there are scary things like this:


Yikes. Mr Blackstone, you are a great magician, indeed. But you would look a little less frightening without the demons and with the bow tie we’ve named after you:

TCC-Group-1Check out the whole batch of *Magic Bow Ties* here.

Order your favorite, and try wearing it every day, a different way, until you’ve run out of magic.

Normally, like I said, we give our bow ties men’s names. But I’ll tell you what–the next *Magic Bow Tie* the Belles create will be named after this belle, Marlene Dietrich. Not bad at all, Marlene. Not bad at all.