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“So Ellie, What do you do?”  The answer changes all the time depending on who asks me and what mood I’m in.  I’m a Homemaker, Wife, Mother, Singer, Songwriter, Bowtie Maker, Seamstress, and Choir teacher… to name a few.   In June 2009, I began making bow ties and it’s become a rather fun adventure for me.  I’m learning what it is like to start a business, nurture my craft and care for my family and home at the same time.  We live in South Carolina and even though I’m not a native southerner, I really do enjoy our culture down here.

This blog is a collection of whatever gets me excited. Here you’ll find things like my most recent thrift store find, a beautiful photo of my child, a recipe, a craft, an idea for a new song or my most recently made bow tie.

Join me on this journey, Won’t you?