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Posted on Oct 14, 2013 in 366 Bow Ties, Andy blogs, Bow Tie Tuesday, Bow Ties, Personal Style |

Bow Tie Tuesday in Carolina


After 2012’s ‘366 Bow Ties for Haiti’ project, in which I wore, and we sold, a different bow tie every day for a year, it’s understandable that I frequently get the question, “where’s your bow tie?”

I’ve never been a bow tie exclusivist. For one thing, the Belles make great neck ties, and I wouldn’t want to forego the pleasures of having custom-made long ties within reach, lovingly made by friends.

How does a year-long bow-tie-every-day guy ease back into wearing bow ties 3/4 of the way through his year of sartorial recovery?


I now have at least one day per week when I plan to rock the bow. Doesn’t matter what I’m up to. Taking the boys to the park. Doing interviews for my podcast. Studying for a sermon. Having friends over for Italian. Bow. Tie. Tuesday.

And I have local friends that have also taken to rocking the bow on Tuesdays.

Processed with VSCOcam

My colleague Daniel Wells, for one.

Here’s Daniel rocking a nice Autumnal plaid during one of our weekly Tuesday podcast recording sessions. Somehow rocking the bow tie helps convince us that we’re not complete dorks, frauds, or both.

(Note: Many will say that the bow merely confirms at least the former. Ignore such people. Rock with gusto!)


And then we have my man Nathan. His family will be moving onto our street by the end of the month.

Nathan and several of his middle school and high school students have started Bow Tie Tuesday at their school. It’s good to know that students are not only being formed in character, but also in sartorial sensibilities, by my good friend.


Now, You.

What about you and your cronies? Do you do BOW TIE TUESDAY? What are your feelings on bow tie exclusivity vs. inclusivity? Those of you who teach: do you think the resurgence of interest in gentlemen’s style more broadly, and bow ties specifically, is sticking among the younger crowd?

Most importantly, are you up for starting a BOW TIE TUESDAY at your workplace, school, or in your community?

And, lest I fail to mention the obvious: Tomorrow is, in fact, Tuesday. That’s your cue. Rock that bow.

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Posted on Nov 6, 2012 in 366 Bow Ties |

366 Bow Ties for Haiti: The 280s

DAY 280:  The Rubik in Narrow.  From our top-shelf line.  Get one here!

DAY 281:  Navy Linen.  Diamond Point.  Very nice.  Yours is here.

DAY 282:  Our archived Morrison Classic:  houndstooth and solid khacki reversible.  Get it here.
DAY 283:  Another archive, the Malcolm Classic.  Get yours here.

DAY 284:  Sharp & snazzy.  Pink linen with pinstripe / green and navy striped silk reversible.  Club Diamond.  Here it is.

DAY 285:  Brown wool with almost microscopic dots.  Classic cut.  Get it here.

DAY 286:  Another special from our top-shelf line:  The Orville.  Club Diamond. Grab it here.

DAY 287:  The sold-out Bates makes another appearance with a navy silk striped red and green in a straight batwing reversible.  Here it is.

DAY 289:  A trusty Diamond Point Neal. Get yours here.
Every last cent goes to support children in Haiti!


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Posted on Oct 23, 2012 in 366 Bow Ties |

366 Bow Ties for Haiti: Days 277 & 279

Day 277:  A lovely thick navy and beige wool plaid sent to us by a customer.  We made a bow tie for him and – per his request – one for Andy to wear for the 366 Haiti Project.  Perfect for your winter wardrobe.  Get yours here.

Day 279: Made from an old shirt, this beautiful pastel madras/pink chambray reversible diamond point is quite dashing.  Yours is here.

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Posted on Oct 23, 2012 in 366 Bow Ties |

366 Bow Ties for Haiti: Days 213 – 219

Day 213:  Raspberry red silk with x-patterned emblems.  Classic Butterfly.  Get it here.

Day 214: Navy silk with foulard/Brown linen reversible.  Club Diamond.  Find it here.

Day 215: Mint green silk with blue, white and green circles/Damien grey chambray reversible.  Narrow cut.  Get yours here.

Day 216:  Purple silk with flower foulard/Brown linen reversible.  Classic butterfly.  Get it here.

Day 217:  Our fabulous McAllister in a narrow butterfly.  Yours is here.

Day 218:  Striking gold silk with complex striped pattern.  Diamond point.  Get yours here.

Day 219:  Yellow silk with foulard/Navy chambray reversible.  Narrow butterfly.  Get it here.

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Posted on Oct 17, 2012 in 366 Bow Ties |

366 Bow Ties for Haiti: Catching Up

We’ve got a mess of reversibles for you, everything from wool to silk to double chambrays!  There are also a few special silks, madras and ginghams in the mix.  Happy shopping!

– Erica

Day 276:  Our handsome, archived James paired with an equally handsome beige wool with stripes.  Get it here.

Day 275:  Actually a maroon-burgundy silk Classic with purple foulard.  Yours is here.

Day 274:  Blue & Green Chambray Reversible Classic Butterfly.  Get yours here.

Day 273:  Snazzy red silk with blue and white stripes, light blue gingham on the reverse side.  Yours for $29.  Every penny goes to Haiti.

Day 272:  A fun Kelly Green gingham in the Narrow Butterfly.  Grab it here.

Day 258:  Our Damien Grey Chambray Classic.  Get it here.

Day 221:  Dark lavender silk with flower foulard/Cranberry Chambray Reversible.  Should be highly envied.  Get yours here.

Day 203:  Possibly one of the best TCC two-toned combinations:  Sold-out Chadrick & Cranberry Chambray in Club Diamond Style.  Yours is here.

Day 198: Striped navy with brown wool reversible.  Classic cut.  Get it here.

Day 153:  Red silk with seahorses!  Yours is here. 

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Posted on Oct 4, 2012 in 366 Bow Ties, Andy blogs, Bowties | 1 comment

366 Bow Ties for Haiti: Lots of Silk

Day 264 is a handsome silk reversible. My high school colors, in fact—blue and gold. Classic cut. Grab it here before it’s gone.


Day 263 is about as classic as it gets. I was offered an honorary doctorate at an Ivy League school just for wearing it.

Silk, of course. Navy and red.

And don’t yo like the chambray detail on the band? Nice touch, Church Belles. Grab it here. All $29 (can you believe it’s just 29 bones??) go to Haiti. _______________________________________________________

Day 265 would represent only 100 days left of this project … if it weren’t a leap year. Actually, it still might. I always get confused with these calculations. Do you count inclusively? Exclusively? I dunno.

The wools are coming out, and I’m happy about that. This one is particularly nice. Yours hear for $29, all of which goes to Haiti.  Grab it here. _______________________________________________________

Day 262 is a sharp, classic batwing navy foulard of vintage necktie silk. Get it here.

You’ve got to love the smart, near-geeky shape of the batwing bow tie, no? Some think it doesn’t go with their face, or their body shape, or whatever. Pssshhhh. _______________________________________________________

Day 261: more classic repp stripe-age. Diamond point cut this time around. Please don’t buy this. I want it for myself. No. I’m being selfish. You can buy it. Besides, all the cash goes to Haiti. Yes, do buy it. (But then give it as a gift to me!) Here it is: go get it.



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