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Posted on Mar 25, 2014 in Bow Tie Tuesday, Bow Ties, Bowties, Guy Style Favorites, Pocket Squares, Uncategorized | 2 comments

Outfit of the Day!

This look is the perfect introduction to the Spring season!  Its cornerstone piece is the stunning bow tie, made by none other than The Cordial Churchman.

As a compliment in color, this brilliant coral and navy gingham dress shirt contrasts the chartreuse bow tie quite well.

 Now, we move the eye from the gingham base through a multilayered front, featuring a subtle cashmere vest beneath a tweed jacket with leather accents.

Finally, by way of parallel, a navy gingham pocket square draws us back to the coral gingham dress shirt for a cohesive design.


Bow tie: The Cordial Churchman

Dress shirt:  J Crew

Waistcoat:  thrift

Jacket:  thrift

Pocket square:  The Cordial Churchman

Watch:  TimeX

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Posted on Oct 14, 2013 in 366 Bow Ties, Andy blogs, Bow Tie Tuesday, Bow Ties, Personal Style |

Bow Tie Tuesday in Carolina


After 2012’s ‘366 Bow Ties for Haiti’ project, in which I wore, and we sold, a different bow tie every day for a year, it’s understandable that I frequently get the question, “where’s your bow tie?”

I’ve never been a bow tie exclusivist. For one thing, the Belles make great neck ties, and I wouldn’t want to forego the pleasures of having custom-made long ties within reach, lovingly made by friends.

How does a year-long bow-tie-every-day guy ease back into wearing bow ties 3/4 of the way through his year of sartorial recovery?


I now have at least one day per week when I plan to rock the bow. Doesn’t matter what I’m up to. Taking the boys to the park. Doing interviews for my podcast. Studying for a sermon. Having friends over for Italian. Bow. Tie. Tuesday.

And I have local friends that have also taken to rocking the bow on Tuesdays.

Processed with VSCOcam

My colleague Daniel Wells, for one.

Here’s Daniel rocking a nice Autumnal plaid during one of our weekly Tuesday podcast recording sessions. Somehow rocking the bow tie helps convince us that we’re not complete dorks, frauds, or both.

(Note: Many will say that the bow merely confirms at least the former. Ignore such people. Rock with gusto!)


And then we have my man Nathan. His family will be moving onto our street by the end of the month.

Nathan and several of his middle school and high school students have started Bow Tie Tuesday at their school. It’s good to know that students are not only being formed in character, but also in sartorial sensibilities, by my good friend.


Now, You.

What about you and your cronies? Do you do BOW TIE TUESDAY? What are your feelings on bow tie exclusivity vs. inclusivity? Those of you who teach: do you think the resurgence of interest in gentlemen’s style more broadly, and bow ties specifically, is sticking among the younger crowd?

Most importantly, are you up for starting a BOW TIE TUESDAY at your workplace, school, or in your community?

And, lest I fail to mention the obvious: Tomorrow is, in fact, Tuesday. That’s your cue. Rock that bow.

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