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Posted on Jan 30, 2014 in Andy blogs, cordial weddings, Personal Style, Wedding Style |

Gentle Snow + Gentlemanly Bow = Gorgeous Wedding

004 2

photo by onelove

Here in South Carolina, a light dusting of snow keeps everyone from doing pretty much everything. As you can see from this very cordial wedding, the snow didn’t stop anyone. In fact, it covered this couple’s day in beauty, and provided a white blanket that turned their nuptial surroundings into an enormous outdoor photo studio.

This couple pulled together a striped organic cotton / hemp blend and a handsome tweed for the groomsmen, while keeping the groom distinguished by a solid tan necktie. When you’re looking for just the right touch for your groomsmen, service staff, or the lucky gentleman himself, don’t forget that it’s almost always possible to create a custom reversible, two-toned, or even four-toned bow tie by combining any of our listed bow ties. (Contact us and we’ll be delighted to help.) The multi-pattern or multi-color option gives you a chance to have the men involved stand out from the wedding crowd, while choosing subtle patterns or neutral colors can keep you from having these dapper men upstage the gorgeous bride.

As I often assert, menswear is all about putting others at ease while nevertheless expressing individual style. Here is a textbook example.

Enjoy these photos, graciously provided by Bess & Austin’s wedding photographers, onelove.



037 2

photo by onelove


photo by one love

photo by one love


photo by one love

photo by one love


photo by onelove

photo by onelove

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Posted on Oct 14, 2013 in 366 Bow Ties, Andy blogs, Bow Tie Tuesday, Bow Ties, Personal Style |

Bow Tie Tuesday in Carolina


After 2012’s ‘366 Bow Ties for Haiti’ project, in which I wore, and we sold, a different bow tie every day for a year, it’s understandable that I frequently get the question, “where’s your bow tie?”

I’ve never been a bow tie exclusivist. For one thing, the Belles make great neck ties, and I wouldn’t want to forego the pleasures of having custom-made long ties within reach, lovingly made by friends.

How does a year-long bow-tie-every-day guy ease back into wearing bow ties 3/4 of the way through his year of sartorial recovery?


I now have at least one day per week when I plan to rock the bow. Doesn’t matter what I’m up to. Taking the boys to the park. Doing interviews for my podcast. Studying for a sermon. Having friends over for Italian. Bow. Tie. Tuesday.

And I have local friends that have also taken to rocking the bow on Tuesdays.

Processed with VSCOcam

My colleague Daniel Wells, for one.

Here’s Daniel rocking a nice Autumnal plaid during one of our weekly Tuesday podcast recording sessions. Somehow rocking the bow tie helps convince us that we’re not complete dorks, frauds, or both.

(Note: Many will say that the bow merely confirms at least the former. Ignore such people. Rock with gusto!)


And then we have my man Nathan. His family will be moving onto our street by the end of the month.

Nathan and several of his middle school and high school students have started Bow Tie Tuesday at their school. It’s good to know that students are not only being formed in character, but also in sartorial sensibilities, by my good friend.


Now, You.

What about you and your cronies? Do you do BOW TIE TUESDAY? What are your feelings on bow tie exclusivity vs. inclusivity? Those of you who teach: do you think the resurgence of interest in gentlemen’s style more broadly, and bow ties specifically, is sticking among the younger crowd?

Most importantly, are you up for starting a BOW TIE TUESDAY at your workplace, school, or in your community?

And, lest I fail to mention the obvious: Tomorrow is, in fact, Tuesday. That’s your cue. Rock that bow.

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Posted on Jun 27, 2013 in Bow Ties, Neck Ties, Personal Style | 6 comments

New Madras Bow Ties and What Else Should We Make?

Today was new fabric day. I picked up a few bolts of fabric at the store, we received an order I’d placed online and we also filtered though swatches to choose new fall fabrics. We are inspired.

As soon as Carlee (our resident seamstress and illustrator in her spare time) was so excited, she started snuggling up with it.  Then immediately cut it up to make ties saying, “It’s time for me to be in my happy place”.


So what now? Obviously we’ll make bow ties but tell us what else you would like to see from us now and in the future. More pocket squares? Lapel flowers? More Emblematic Bow Ties? Neck ties? Scarves? Ascots? We love your feedback. Please write a comment or fill out THIS FORM to submit your feedback to us.

And if you tell us what you like, there’s a good chance we may name it after you. The really good ideas might even get a freebie of some kind.  So don’t be bashful.



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Posted on May 29, 2013 in Bowties, Guy Style Favorites, Personal Style |

Bowties, Violins, and Casey

casey_as shot014

Albert Einstein said, “A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?” We hope he said that while wearing a bowtie. Today we wanted to introduce you to one of our models, Casey. He is such a sweetie!

Recently Casey needed to have his head shots updated. He is an amazing violinist who lives here in Rock Hill! He not only plays concerts, but also teaches lessons. We recommended Virginia McAllister {} and the photographs turned out really nicely. Of course he was wearing his Cordial Churchman bowties!

casey_as shot111

casey_as shot169

Now we need to get him a table, a chair, and a bowl of fruit. Thanks, Casey for sharing your pictures.



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Posted on Apr 23, 2013 in Bowties, Guy Style Favorites, Personal Style, Pocket Squares, Uncategorized | 1 comment

Pocket Squres: Compliment – Not match

Incase you are wondering how to rock the pocket square with your bow tie, the word is coordinate, not match.

Here’s some combos we love from our upcoming summer collection (Available May 1)

Yellow Madras (Coming Soon) with Navy Gingham

cc 28

Navy Dot Linen (Frederick) with Salmon Madras

cc 26

Pink Gingham with Light Blue pinstripe Linen

cc 44

White Pique, Navy Blazer, Blue and yellow striped bow tie and a yellow seersucker pocket square.  When wearing one of our lapel flowers, we think its best to go as subtle as possible with your pocket square.  The White pique is one of the best pocket squares because it adds interest and texture but can go with everything.

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