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Posted on Jan 30, 2014 in Andy blogs, cordial weddings, Personal Style, Wedding Style |

Gentle Snow + Gentlemanly Bow = Gorgeous Wedding

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photo by onelove

Here in South Carolina, a light dusting of snow keeps everyone from doing pretty much everything. As you can see from this very cordial wedding, the snow didn’t stop anyone. In fact, it covered this couple’s day in beauty, and provided a white blanket that turned their nuptial surroundings into an enormous outdoor photo studio.

This couple pulled together a striped organic cotton / hemp blend and a handsome tweed for the groomsmen, while keeping the groom distinguished by a solid tan necktie. When you’re looking for just the right touch for your groomsmen, service staff, or the lucky gentleman himself, don’t forget that it’s almost always possible to create a custom reversible, two-toned, or even four-toned bow tie by combining any of our listed bow ties. (Contact us and we’ll be delighted to help.) The multi-pattern or multi-color option gives you a chance to have the men involved stand out from the wedding crowd, while choosing subtle patterns or neutral colors can keep you from having these dapper men upstage the gorgeous bride.

As I often assert, menswear is all about putting others at ease while nevertheless expressing individual style. Here is a textbook example.

Enjoy these photos, graciously provided by Bess & Austin’s wedding photographers, onelove.



037 2

photo by onelove


photo by one love

photo by one love


photo by one love

photo by one love


photo by onelove

photo by onelove

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Posted on Jul 16, 2013 in Bow Ties, Wedding Style |

Alyssa and Andrew’s Wedding

Alyssa and Andrew had a special vision for how they wanted their bow ties to look.  They located a plaid silk fabric and sent it to us to make diamond point bow ties.  They turned out phenomenal!

The groom stepped it up a notch with a white bow tie.  It’s a good idea to give the groom something different to set him apart.

*To purchase custom bow ties made with fabric of your choice, contact us at or purchase them here – TCC custom wedding bow ties

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Posted on Jun 26, 2013 in Bow Ties, Press, Wedding Style | 2 comments

TCC in Martha Stewart Weddings

We were so proud to have produced custom bow ties for a wedding that was featured in the current issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.


Before making ties for this wedding, I was only slightly familiar with liberty of London prints.  The bride had chosen a beautiful floral print for us to make their bow ties and we knew this wasn’t your typical printed fabric.

Truth is, I’ve gravitated away from prints in our bow ties, finding printed fabrics to be less interesting than the ones that have a natural pattern in the weave.  I’m now learning to balance the two.  Throwing in the occasional print that is really great on a bow tie can be a good thing.

So I have very high standards when it comes to selling prints, but Liberty of London’s fabrics certainly fit the bill.  Our current Liberty of London bow tie is the Cameron.  These don’t last long, so if you like it, I recommend you don’t waste time.  I will say though that we hope to continue to offer new Liberty prints as we sell through them.


Are you looking custom bow ties for a wedding?  Take a cue from the bride in Martha Stewart Weddings and pick out your favorite Liberty of London fabric and have The Cordial Churchman produce your bow ties.


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